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Amiga OS is Still Alive - Who Knew?

I was rummaging through Digg this morning and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw a headline on the front page that Amiga OS 4 had just been released. Ars Technica even posted a 6-page review of the new release. I haven't used an Amiga since 1997, but it appears this release has done a decent job updating the OS. I lost touch with the Amiga world after '97, but this review points out that a company released new Amiga hardware a few years ago based on the PowerPC platform. Unfortunately, that didn't last and you can no longer buy new hardware to run this OS on. This kinda makes me chuckle because it is SOOOO reminicent of how the Amiga world worked.

So now I'm taking a few moments to stroll down memory lane. Ahh, the good ol' Amiga - I tell ya, that was some machine in its day. I owned an A500, A3000 (my personal favourite computer of all time), A3000T and an A4000 that got "frankensteined" into this ludriocrously huge enclosure to run a Video Toaster and Video Flyer system (now THOSE were really fun days - until the money ran out). Absolutely wicked graphics and sound capabilities for the late '80s and early '90s. I remember all the "demo" disks I used to download off of BBS systems (the Internet was barely getting off the ground back then) that were just so totally amazing with crazy colourful motion graphics and stereo sampled sound. Completely useless, yes, but awsome eye-candy that made the jaw of my PC friends hit the ground on a regular basis. Some of my favourite games still come from that platform: Silk Worm, Speedball, and Araknoid. In fact, my professional career in computers started with the Amiga (and almost died with it, too) before I was forced to switch to PCs.

Computers really haven't been as much for me since those good ol' days. <sigh>  Thanks for all the memories, Amiga.

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  • Darth Mac

    1/22/2007 9:45:39 PM |

    Boo-Yeah!!!!  Speedball!!!!  Bring it!!!!

  • Marcel

    10/3/2011 6:25:54 AM |

    Hybris ! Turrican 1/2/3 ! Giana Sisters ! Those were the days...